Thank You to our 2019/2020 Members!

Emerald Members $500

Bihn Family
Edward & Sandra Blair
The Bowman Family
The Francesconi Family
Jim and Carrie Klessel
The Kontak Family
David and Diane Norris
Mike and Delicia Ostrowski

The Randar Family
Andy & Gina Rediinger
The Rintamaki Family
Claude & June Thompson
Chris Williams & Cindy Mog
Matt and Christi Wilson
Bob and Kris Zanotti

Silver Members $250

Tony, Tiffany, Casey, and Cael Cipollone
The Corrado Family
#1 Fan Chad
The Forshey Family
Jatsyshyn Family
Jerry and Julie Kelsheimer
Greg and Angela Kolocouris
Bill & Laura Kress
Alex and Amanda Miller
Duane Miller


Pirnat Family
The Protos Family
Michael Reghi
Jim & Heidi Voiklis
Seamus & Laurie Walsh
David, Dana and Blake Wolfe
Richelle and John Wong
Dan and Salena Zanotti

Onyx Members $125

The Adkins Family
Lauren and Chuck Backus
Rick and Rebecca Baker
Bill and Angela Boor
Deneen and Rich Burrows
The Butcher Family
Tony and Deanna Chang
Jim & Laurel Clarke
Grace Clemons
Doug & Colleen Colman
The Colan Family
*John & Kristin Duke
Lauren & Tony Falcone
John and Janine Finucane
Gallagher Family
John Gauntner
Eric and Carolyn Hansen
Hazapis Family
Laura Heil
Jessica and Jay Hennessey


Jaros Family
The Jolliffe Family
Matt and Molly Jones
The Kerr Family
Fadi and Janine Khoury
The Kortes Family
Joshua and Laura Knaak
Brad and Laura Lamb
Jim and Missy Laux
The Lewis-Widowski family
Todd & Terri Monken
*The Morgan Family
The Moutoux Family
Jim Eadie & Fadia Nader
The Navratil Family
The Nivellini Family
Paul Palmer & Family
Michael and Serina Peck
Jane & Chris Peer
Scott & Christa Pollak
Jason and Callista Puchmeyer


The Rendziak Family
Heather Rice, Ray Ellington, and family
Rocky Family
Scheider Family
Michael and Kwangme Schmitz
The Schuemann Family
Jonathan and Beth Shreffler
Vince Youshak & Rula Stamatis
Jeff & Shivaun Stroski
Dan Sucher
Dana Thomas
Richard and Laura Toner
Crystal Tromler
Tucholski Family
Tom and Amanda Urich
The Wallenhorst Family
Beverly and Scott Wilkinson
Matt and Jackie Wittenmyer
Dave and Jackie Wohleber
Scott Wylie Family
Brian and Suzanne Yappel

Dual Fan  Members $50

Rob and Ivy Arndt
Tricia & Todd Balch
Jim and Chris Bednar
*Rob and Becky Button
Larry & Kirsten Cahill
*Kevin and Martha Considine
Lara and Christian Essman
Tony & Michelle Fernandez
The Fulton Family
The Gray Family
Tim & Lisa Gregory
Heather & Greg Hargett
Ellen & Dana Hartup
Rob and Sallie Hoelscher
Colleen Hotz


Peter & Wendy Kowalski
Joe and Erin Madden
Pete and Patty McHugh
Tom and Bethany Miller
The Novaks
Doug and Sharon Prexta
Rence Family
Sharon & Ron Rennard
Norm and Connie Sinreich
Tim and Aimee Stanton
Kevin and Kelly Stofko
Carson & Justine Tinline
Vince and Michelle Tobin
Lisa and Jeff Whitesell
Diane and Paul Zavell
Doug and Linnea Zupan



Demon Fan Members $25

*Cheryl Bansek
The Brennan Family
Susan Brown
*Chelsea Cahill
*Mike Carpenter
*Doug and Alice Cook
Ho Family
Coach Art Daniels
Donna Davisson
B. Dawson
*Nancy Puccini English
Steve and Tracy Evilsizer
Fran Glaeser
*Karen Swanson Haan
Amy Havelka
Tracy & Dan Heberle
Steve and Dana Hoffman
Sue Hoffman
*Jeff Huber
*Steve Huber
*Heather Hurd


Julie Jacono
Keith & Michelle Johnson
The Kim Family
The Klima Family
Greg Kosakowski
Kronz Family
Erin Kunchik
David Mansour
*Katie Mihalik
Jeffrey Mueller
Liz Pirnat
Jennifer and Zeno Regas
*Dane Rimko
The Salamalekis Family
*Meghan Spriggs
Michelle Stefunek
*Emily Stephenson
Jennifer Sucher
The Vulku Family
Kathleen & Chris Wagner
The Wise Family
Paul Wilson



*Coaching staff